Automate your sales
processes on Slack

With the no code Workflow builder, create realtime and scheduled alerts on any condition to alert the team on wins, missing fields or stuck deals. Sell as a team, win as a team

Get complete visibility
of your Sales Pipeline

Create Workflows in seconds

Select any CRM condition, configure your messages and you can go live with all your sales processes in seconds. With bi-directional alerts you can update Salesforce and HubSpot right from within Slack.

Get Revenue Insights on time

With well configured workflows, you get a real picture of your pipeline. Stuck deals or missing CRM fields or deals moved out by a quarter - get revenue insights then and there. No more surprises

Update your CRM right from Slack

With bi-directional alerts, AEs can update CRM records right from within Slack whenever they receive alerts. Missing MEDDIC fields? Incorrect close date? No next steps? No problem. Update them without leaving the Slack window

See how Sales Teams use Luru WorkFlows

Celebrate Wins

When the AE closes a deal, shouldn't we celebrate as a team? Let the team know and let the AE bask in glory

Know when deals are stuck

Selling is a team game. When deals are stuck in a stage get alerts so that you can act on it. Avoid surprises at the end of the quarter

Act on High Value Deals

Isn't it exciting when a high value deal enters the pipeline? See what's needed to close those deals, who can help move it and what can be done better to close them!

Alert on missing MEDDIC fields

If your team follows MEDDIC or any of the sales processes, use simple triggers and nudges to ensure the process is followed, right on Slack. Nobody likes you constantly pinging folks to update fields. Do it the smart way

Close Date in the past

Keep your pipeline realistic by knowing deals with Close Dates in the past. Nudge AEs to fill update them so that you keep your pipeline healthy

When an opportunity is lost

Get real time notifications when a deal is lost. You could plan on what the next steps are to revive it or use this as feedback to the product team on what's missing

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