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I’m Karthik, one of the co-founders of Luru.

People ask me why Luru? What was the push for it? The truth is there was never that single push. It was a problem we all had lived through for a long while in our previous stint and tried to solve in bits and pieces. 

In the last decade, all 4 of us have been on a journey together of scaling a company from 0 to 100 million dollars in various capacities. We were bootstrapped for most of our times and we had to run a revenue org that was efficient and not bloated. 

For this, we wanted all the data in our CRM so that we could plan better, execute better and make faster decisions. But people hated entering data. We tried “soft” techniques of coaxing people to do it, incentivising and mandating. But it just moved from lack of data to lack of useful data.

We needed a better way and we approached it from first principles. CRMs are great databases. But it comes with friction. Sales reps need to switch context to access it, or have to click a hundred buttons to achieve a simple task. It was not a cake walk for leaders too - making process changes, setting up new workflows were just complex. 

We decided to simplify the interface to the CRM by writing scripts and layers on top of these APIs. The basic premise was  “let us simplify the CRM and take the CRM to where the user is - email, meetings, chat etc. What started as weekend hacks evolved into a suite of products that the entire revenue org was using. We were closing deals faster, getting visibility into important deals and our planning and forecasting got a lot better.

When new folks joined the company or when we showed to other folks in the ecosystem, we kept hearing “Oh! What is this product? This is so useful”. That made us think that “maybe this is a product most revenue orgs would love, and not just for us?” So when we decided to start up, this became an idea that we wanted to think about deeper. We spoke to hundreds of sales reps, revenue and ops leaders and it turns out most companies had similar struggles and needed a version of what we had built.

Based on these inputs, and our own thesis, we’ve built Luru. There are incredibly useful tools in the sales stack, but they need to lend well into the workflows of sales folks, not the other way around. We will be making the interaction with all these revenue tools as frictionless as possible in many innovative ways.

Thanks for trying out Luru. You can write to me directly or ask me if you have any questions at karthik@luru.app
Co-founder & CEO, Luru

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