How Zluri improved CRM hygiene and reduced pipeline leakage.

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CRM Hygiene
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Lead Leakage
"As we are scaling, it became important for us to get complete visibility into our pipeline and react quickly to deal movements.”
Sethu Meenakshisundaram
Co-founder, Zluri
The Challenges
Zluri uses Salesforce as their CRM and faced two main challenges:
1. Leaders found it difficult to estimate pipelines and make any reliable sales forecasts because
       A. Much of the pipeline data was not there, and
       B. The data that was there was incomplete and not fresh. 

2. With hybrid and remote work culture, it became difficult to keep everyone in the loop, celebrate wins and analyze losses.
The Solutions
Post quick calls with Sethu and Ritish (co-founder and head of marketing at Zluri), the leadership team decided to try out Luru - specifically, Luru workflows.

Workflows are a part of Luru that enables alerts to be sent on Slack on either real time changes happening in Salesforce, or at a pre-defined schedule.

The main types of workflows that Zluri setup were for:
1. Revenue alerts keeping everyone in the loop: The Zluri team wanted to celebrate wins, analyze losses and most importantly, keep everyone in the team updated as to what is happening in the pipeline.

As soon as the stage of a deal changes to a specific one, a real time alert goes off to specific team channels, keeping everyone in the loop. This also gave sales leaders quick visibility into pipeline changes.

2. CRM updates from Slack for Sales - CS handoff: After closure, to ensure onboarding of a new customer goes smoothly, Zluri had processes setup to update the onboarding progress after every 15 days.

But enforcing this process was both time consuming for the managers and frustrating for the sales reps. Zluri set up a workflow to ensure reminders came on Slack after every 15 days and the reps could update the progress from right within Slack.

3. Renewal reminders: While sales reps mostly focus on new conversions, renewal of existing customers often gets missed. A scheduled workflow that reminded the team at 9 am every day about renewals that are coming up made it easy to not miss renewals.
"With Luru’s no code workflows we have been able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack where our team resides. This has helped us to get a better picture of our pipeline in real time, identify blockers and react quickly to close more deals.”
Sethu Meenakshisundaram
Co-founder, Zluri
The Results
1. Happier sales reps and a more connected team
No number or metric can measure happiness, but one of the most visible impact of Luru was that the team became more connected and in-the-loop. There were more discussions around deals on Slack, more suggestions on improvements and overall, a positive vibe for the sales team.
2. Better Sales data

Data hygiene increased by more than 2x. Increased hygiene was a factor of two things:
1. Quantity of updates increased: Viewing deal updates from right within Slack and the ability to update fields from right within Slack, meant that the number of updates per deal increased. 
2. Quality of the updates improved: Sales reps were able to update fields without losing context (which used to happen when updates were bunched up at the end of the week).

3. Lesser misses

Thanks to timely reminders right within Slack, the team could do more timely follow-ups w.r.t things like onboarding and renewal. This in turn lead to happier customers, less lead leakage and more revenues.

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