Move over old solutions for
new-age problems

Slack Elevate is just a sales productivity tool, unlike Luru that not just elevates productivity but powers-up
A to Z of your sales processes. It is the only Slack Elevate alternative you need to supercharge your revenue teams.

Experience the Luru difference

Luru is the prime slack elevate replacement
experience the Luru difference- Ultimate slack elevate competitor
Workflow automations
Pipeline visibility
Cluttered visibility
High visibility for every stage
Synced notes
Calendar integration
Meeting copilot + Playbooks
Google Meet, Teams, Zoom
Email Sync
Stores customer data
Chat app support
Slack, Teams, Google Chat
Sales, Enablement, RevOps
Revenue Management
$60/seat; Business+ required
Starts at $40. User based pricing
Deal rooms

Why do companies prefer Luru over Slack Elevate?

The answer lies in Luru's commitment to addressing pain points of modern businesses. Luru isn't just another Slack Elevate competitor; it's a strategic partner that understands nuances of sales processes and offers tailor-made solutions.

Luru is designed around two core principles:

Best slack elevate competitor in the market- Luru


Minimize human intervention whenever possible.


Prioritize creating a beautiful user experience when automation isn't feasible.

Slack Elevate only focuses on sales productivity. But in a world where businesses evolve to fit the needs of the market, Luru goes beyond, focusing on problems modern businesses face.

Whether it is sales productivity, process adherence, pipeline visibility or ultra-powerful automated workflows! Luru offers an integrated solution that adapts to your business, standing out as the preferred Slack Elevate alternative.

Why Luru is the #1 Slack Elevate alternative

1. Master process adherence, inside and outside meetings
Slack Elevate allows you to sync notes during a meeting, but it is so rudimentary in nature, and non-reliable for sales teams. But Luru takes it further by making the note taker available right within your meeting app, without the hassle of integrating with apps like Zapier.

Luru also sticks out as a compelling alternative to Slack Elevate, enhancing process adherence during meetings in two key ways:

1. Meeting Playbooks: Here, Luru is a no-brainer Slack Elevate alternative, because it empowers Sales and RevOps leaders to craft tailored in-meeting Playbooks, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce/HubSpot fields.

2. Seamless note-taking: Luru's note-taking feature is directly within Zoom/Google Meet, making it the preferred Slack Elevate replacement. It also auto-selects right playbooks for meetings, so reps can follow it in real-time, updating notes and CRM fields instantly. Switching apps no more; just  valuable post-meeting time!
 best slack elevate competitor in the market- master process adherance with Luru
2. The go-to Slack Elevate alternative that works where the sellers work
Like Slack Elevate, Luru seamlessly integrates with Slack, Teams, and Google Chat. But Luru ticks it as the prime alternative to Slack Elevate by going further, and recognizing that sales reps spend ∼15% of their time on emails and ∼20% on online prospect research. So it meets the reps where they work.

Beyond meetings (Zoom, Google Meet) and messaging (Slack, Teams, Google Chat), Luru is accessible directly within your web browser! Making it easy to use while responding to customer emails, researching on LinkedIn, or discovering prospect-related news articles.

A simple shortcut (Cmd-J or Ctrl-J) brings up Luru Sidekick on any web page, where you can take notes, create leads, update opportunities, and set tasks effortlessly!
The #1 slack elevate alternative that works where sellers work, Luru
3. Move over Slack Elevate with best-in-class workflows
Slack Elevate is at its core, a sales productivity tool, but Luru takes it to the next level. With Luru being the ultimate Slack Elevate alternative, you gain the power to construct significantly more complex and customizable workflows, thereby elevating your productivity, like:

> Alerting the deal owner if there hasn't been an outgoing email to a high-value opportunity in the last 7 days.

> Sending a report of deals where there was outbound calls in the last week, but the last call was a no-answer.

> Notifying the deal owner if there hasn't been a note logged for an advanced deal 4 hours after a meeting.

These are just a few examples of the advanced workflows that make Luru the superior choice among Slack Elevate competitors.
Slack replacement with best workflows, Luru
4. Slack Elevate competitor that  adapts to your business needs
Slack Elevate is outdated; it lacks adaptability for today's teams. In the dynamic sales arena, change is constant, and Luru gets that. For businesses exploring Slack Elevate alternatives, Luru supports all fields and objects. It introduces Deal Rooms with dynamic features and automated member management, setting it apart from Slack Elevate.

Get granular views on your deals, every moment and movement in your pipeline caught lightening-fast by powerful automations that do the work for you.

Luru offers businesses a reliable replacement for Slack Elevate, as it not only recognizes but prioritizes the value of adaptability and freedom, empowering organizations to focus on what truly matters to them- high visibility, winning sales processes.
 best slack elevate competitor with deal rooms
5. Scheduled workflows that replace Slack Elevate, hands-down
With Luru, you can set up workflows to be automatically executed at a set schedule.

For example, every Monday morning, do you want to remind your team about the deals closing that week? Or do you want to send an alert to your team before your weekly Friday review meeting with the list of deals that have not been updated?

With Luru, scheduled workflows are in-built to your plan, and simple as ever to get going with.

With Slack Elevate, scheduled triggers are available but they don't encompass a breadth of functions that are personalized just for you to improve your pipeline visibility or sales efficiency. No wonder why Luru triumphs as the best alternative to Slack Elevate.
Schedule workflows with Luru-better alternative for slack elevate

Built for and by revenue leaders

Slack elevate competitor with seamless email sync
Email Sync
Syncing sales team's emails with Salesforce can be a real challenge. Many businesses experience the frustration of dealing with the complexities and operational bugs of this process. That's where Luru stands out as a game-changer.

Unlike its competitor Slack Elevate, Luru can automatically, and in real time, sync sales emails from GMail or Office 365 accounts of sales reps to the correct Opportunity / Deal / Contact in the CRM.
The best slack elevate alternative that's less expensive
Expenses fit for your business
Slack Elevate is expensive at $60/seat; Business+ required, for providing sub-par, less powerful services that Luru provides, for a much less a price! 
Luru on the other hand, starts at $40, providing user based pricing for all your needs and more!

Companies seeking powerful and cost-effective alternatives to Slack Elevate, understand the Elevate is not reliable in the long run, with cost being a primary reason.
Slack elevate competitor that is secure by default
Secure by default
Single Sign-On (SSO) is by default with Luru - not a paid add-on. In fact, the only way to create an account with Luru is via your CRM SSO.

It's also worth noting that Slack Elevate stores customer data, but Luru does not.
Slack elevate competitor with MagicSync. #1 alternative to slack elevate
Luru MagicSync: No more manual data entry
One of the other reasons companies prefer Luru as the best Slack Elevate alternative is because of how Luru has made CRM data entry zero-friction by being present in all work tools that a seller uses.
Luru MagicSync (currently in beta) takes the bar further - by eliminating up to 90% of manual data entry.

MagicSync AI securely taps into the sources of data - emails, meetings, chat app conversations - and automatically understands and updates the CRM contextually.

In case you need more convincing

We have much more data in our CRM than we used to. It's really easy to use. Took me 5 mins to set it up. But it still isn't very limiting in what it can help you do. I can set up automations, new scripts and templates in it whenever I want to and it'll improve our sales ops even further.

Ishaan S

Co-founder, Spear Growth

Having visibility into pipeline movements and upsell opportunities has been a breeze with Luru. It's like having my own little command center within Slack. From deal movements to discovering new upsell opportunites, all the important alerts are right there when I need them. It’s a real step forward.

Ishwar S

COO, Co-founder, Exotel

LURU is my Robin because "I AM BATMAN". Remarkable in-call sidekick for your Google Meets and Zoom calls. This extraordinary companion effortlessly gathers all the relevant information about your prospect during the call and seamlessly updates the call notes on your CRM. It's like having your very own Alfred, ensuring you have all the crucial details at your fingertips.

Prashant S

Senior Product Evangelist, WebEngage

Luru has really changed the way we handle our sales process. Being able to manage everything directly from Slack has kept our team on their toes and moving swiftly. It's like Slack has evolved from just a communication tool to a command center where we can get everything done. No need to navigate away or lose time switching between applications. It's all there in our Slack channels.

Santhosh G

Growth Leader, Zepic

Slack is now Our Sales Home. Thanks Luru. Our sales team spends most of their day in Slack and this tool seamlessly integrates with our sales team's daily workflow in Slack. The automation features, especially the Meeting Workflows, have been a game-changer for us. They enable us to automate a significant portion of our tasks, providing a much-needed boost to our productivity.

Raj Vimal C

Co-founder, Finmo

A sales guy’s delight! Has been my favorite note-taker app. I can easily take down my Sales notes inside the Zoom and Google Meet meeting windows. The best part is that these sales notes are synced to Salesforce fields, notes, and tasks! And all my notes are sorted in one place inside Luru

Akshay Gupta

Partnerships, VWO

No more waiting for review meetings to know what is happening. It's cool how I can track deals and see progress right in Slack. Feels like I've got a sales dashboard in my pocket all the time!

Harsha Chelle

Strategic Accounts, Postman

Luru gives easy visibility into my team’s pipeline helping in better pipeline review meetings. Luru enables my team to update Salesforce a lot quicker through a simple spreadsheet-like interface. Now our pipeline is always up-to-date!

Shuvam Gupta

Head - Sales, Cogno AI

The email workflows have become my favorite feature. Automating and tracking email responses between our team and clients is a breeze now. It's like having an extra pair of hands helping us meet our deadlines.

Vishnu J

Founding team, DeepSource

Sales sidekick I never knew I wanted to manage my pipeline in HubSpot. As a founder and salesperson, Luru is my favorite productivity and note-taker app. I take a LOT of notes and the CRM auto-sync functionality fits my needs perfectly. Basically sales notes on steroids.

Sanjay Shenoy

Founder, Tractionn