Get complete control of your pipeline by automating your sales process in Slack

Luru helps elevate your revenue operations game with advanced automations, intuitive no-code workflows, AI-driven intent signals, and rock-solid reliability and security - all at an affordable cost.

Five of many reasons you will love Luru

Advanced Workflows

With Luru’s No Code Workflow Builder, you can automate any process that you have in mind.

Want to roll out a MEDDIC process? Want to get alerted when a deal is slipping? Or want to ensure no lead goes unattended? We’ve got you covered.

Processes not just on your CRM data

Not all your data resides in your CRM, as much as we’d like it to. A significant amount of sales data is found in meetings, emails, and sales notes.

With Luru, you can set alerts based on information from these diverse data sources. Want to be notified when a competitor is mentioned in an email? Luru can make that happen

Best Rattle competitor in the market- Luru

Useful AI Workflows

Luru’s AI Insight Engine will analyze your deals to create helpful alerts, ensuring your Opportunities stay on track.

Whether it’s deals that might slip, require extra attention, or lack the right stakeholder, Luru’s AI engine diligently tracks them all.

Pricing that is sensible

Luru’s pricing starts at 17 USD per user. Elevate adds a whopping 60 USD/user to your monthly bill for lesser capabilities

Sales productivity Add-ons

Luru enhances your sales team's efficiency by seamlessly integrating with CRM. This allows for easy record updates without context switching, saving reps up to 4 hours weekly in a simplified workspace.

Experience the Luru difference

Luru is the prime slack elevate replacement
experience the Luru difference- Ultimate slack elevate competitor
Workflow automations
Alerts based on Emails , Meetings and notes
Dynamic Deal Rooms
AI Workflows
Auto-log Emails and Meetings
Admin Dashboard
Auto Create Contacts
Support for Custom Objects
Luru is the prime slack elevate replacement
experience the Luru difference- Ultimate slack elevate competitor

Why top-converting sales teams love Luru

"The support team is exceptional and takes feedback to heart."

Reed Porter
Head of Sales & CS, Localstack
Solid HubSpot add-on that's been constantly improving. I have been able to receive notes during calls and sync everything to HubSpot. The support team is exceptional and takes feedback to heart to improve the product.

"Saves us a lot of time in a cost-efficient manner, streamlining our sales process."

Jasper Guilaran
AE - Full Cycle, TryProspect
Luru seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and Zoom, allowing us to manage pipelines and update contacts directly from Slack. It saves us a lot of time in a cost-efficient manner, streamlining our sales process.

"My team can now focus on selling rather than admin work."

Anupreet Singh
Luru is a standout tool for revops teams. Our sales processes have become more efficient, and our CRM hygiene has improved significantly. My team can now focus on selling rather than admin work. And they are amazing listeners to feedback.

"We have been able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack where our team resides."

Cofounder and Revenue Head, Zluri
With Luru’s no code workflows we have been able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack where our team resides. This has helped us to get a better picture of our pipeline in real time, identify blockers and react quickly to close more deals.

"As a sales leader, Luru is a life saver!"

Varun Raj
Sales Leader, Exotel
The ability to pre-define templates and prompt my SDRs and AEs on must-discuss info is amazing! Personally, my hunt for a hassle-free meeting note taker is over :).

"One doesn't need an automation background to define a sales process."

Nilesh Gupta
Co-founder & COO, GrowthSpree
The setup and scale of workflows on HubSpot is complex and often requires a service integration (SI) partner. With Luru, one doesn't need an automation background to define a sales process.

What makes Luru a better Slack Elevate alternative? FAQs:

Why is Luru a better Slack Elevate alternative? What are the key differences?

Luru stands out as a more comprehensive solution compared to Slack Elevate by enabling revenue teams to tailor advanced workflows precisely to their unique business needs. While Slack Elevate primarily focuses on Slack integrations, Luru seamlessly embeds end-to-end processes across multiple touchpoints where sales teams operate - meetings, emails, web browsers, and beyond just Slack.

Transcending the limitations of a singular Slack integration, Luru ensures complete process adoption by integrating deeply into teams' existing tech stacks and work environments. Additionally, it enhances productivity through features like ubiquitous CRM access, automated reporting, and follow-ups - making it a more robust Slack Elevate alternative.

How does Luru's pricing compare to Slack Elevate pricing?

Luru delivers exceptional value with competitive per-seat pricing suitable for teams of all sizes. For larger sales forces exceeding 100 reps, Luru's pricing model stands as the most cost-effective option in the market when compared to Slack-centric solutions like Slack Elevate.

Moreover, Luru's streamlined, no-code deployment facilitated by an intuitive workflow builder allows for faster ROI realization versus complex implementation processes. This accelerated time-to-value, coupled with Luru's comprehensive capabilities across multiple platforms, renders it a more cost-efficient alternative to Slack Elevate.

What advantages does Luru provide over Slack Elevate in terms of deployment?

Luru prioritizes a hassle-free deployment experience backed by dedicated support and personalized onboarding for all customers. If transitioning from an existing Slack integration like Slack Elevate, Luru can seamlessly migrate your current workflows, minimizing disruptions and maintaining continuity.

The deployment process is meticulously designed to be smooth and effortless, empowering you to swiftly set up and leverage Luru's powerful features without intricate implementations or extensive user training requirements often associated with Slack Elevate or similar tools.

How does Luru's Salesforce integration capabilities compare to Slack Elevate?

While Slack Elevate primarily focuses on enhancing Salesforce capabilities within Slack, Luru's Salesforce integration goes further by offering granular control over your Salesforce data - objects, fields, and user-specific filters. This granular control empowers you to craft advanced workflows that optimally leverage your Salesforce data across multiple touchpoints.

Furthermore, Luru amalgamates Salesforce data with meeting and email inputs for truly comprehensive automation, providing a more holistic experience than Slack Elevate's confined Salesforce capabilities within the Slack environment.

What tools and platforms does Luru integrate with beyond Slack Elevate's scope?

Luru offers a comprehensive array of integrations to ensure seamless connectivity across your entire sales tech stack, going beyond Slack Elevate's Slack-centric approach:

a. Leading CRMs: Salesforce, HubSpot - providing a unified hub for sales process/data management.
b. Work and productivity suite integrations: Email - Gmail, OutlookCalendar - Google, OutlookMeetings - Zoom, Google Meetc.
c. Web Browsers: Chrome, Edge and other Chromium browsers for ubiquitous CRM access.

Why is Luru better than Slack Elevate for improving sales forecast accuracy and reducing lead leakage?

Luru enhances forecast accuracy by capturing real-time revenue signals from a multitude of sources - emails, meeting platforms, web interactions, and more. This holistic data consolidation ensures forecasts are grounded in the latest, most accurate information, transcending Slack Elevate's limited scope confined to the Slack environment.

Moreover, Luru's seamless data capture and real-time actionable alerts across multiple touchpoints prevent lead leakage, ensuring no potential opportunities slip through the cracks - further fortifying the reliability of your forecasts beyond what Slack Elevate can offer.

Can you share customer success stories highlighting Luru's performance versus Slack Elevate?

Customers have found Luru to be a more capable solution than singular tools like Slack Elevate, lauding its ability to construct highly customized, advanced workflows that effectively solve intricate sales process complexities across multiple platforms and data sources.

Additionally, Luru delivers greater value by unifying an all-encompassing platform integrating every sales tool teams utilize, as opposed to niche solutions constrained to specific use cases like enhancing Salesforce capabilities within Slack, which is Slack Elevate's primary focus.

In case you need more convincing

We have much more data in our CRM than we used to. It's really easy to use. Took me 5 mins to set it up. But it still isn't very limiting in what it can help you do. I can set up automations, new scripts and templates in it whenever I want to and it'll improve our sales ops even further.

Ishaan S

Co-founder, Spear Growth

Having visibility into pipeline movements and upsell opportunities has been a breeze with Luru. It's like having my own little command center within Slack. From deal movements to discovering new upsell opportunites, all the important alerts are right there when I need them. It’s a real step forward.

Ishwar S

COO, Co-founder, Exotel

LURU is my Robin because "I AM BATMAN". Remarkable in-call sidekick for your Google Meets and Zoom calls. This extraordinary companion effortlessly gathers all the relevant information about your prospect during the call and seamlessly updates the call notes on your CRM. It's like having your very own Alfred, ensuring you have all the crucial details at your fingertips.

Prashant S

Senior Product Evangelist, WebEngage

Luru has really changed the way we handle our sales process. Being able to manage everything directly from Slack has kept our team on their toes and moving swiftly. It's like Slack has evolved from just a communication tool to a command center where we can get everything done. No need to navigate away or lose time switching between applications. It's all there in our Slack channels.

Santhosh G

Growth Leader, Zepic

Slack is now Our Sales Home. Thanks Luru. Our sales team spends most of their day in Slack and this tool seamlessly integrates with our sales team's daily workflow in Slack. The automation features, especially the Meeting Workflows, have been a game-changer for us. They enable us to automate a significant portion of our tasks, providing a much-needed boost to our productivity.

Raj Vimal C

Co-founder, Finmo

A sales guy’s delight! Has been my favorite note-taker app. I can easily take down my Sales notes inside the Zoom and Google Meet meeting windows. The best part is that these sales notes are synced to Salesforce fields, notes, and tasks! And all my notes are sorted in one place inside Luru

Akshay Gupta

Partnerships, VWO

No more waiting for review meetings to know what is happening. It's cool how I can track deals and see progress right in Slack. Feels like I've got a sales dashboard in my pocket all the time!

Harsha Chelle

Strategic Accounts, Postman

Luru gives easy visibility into my team’s pipeline helping in better pipeline review meetings. Luru enables my team to update Salesforce a lot quicker through a simple spreadsheet-like interface. Now our pipeline is always up-to-date!

Shuvam Gupta

Head - Sales, Cogno AI

The email workflows have become my favorite feature. Automating and tracking email responses between our team and clients is a breeze now. It's like having an extra pair of hands helping us meet our deadlines.

Vishnu J

Founding team, DeepSource

Sales sidekick I never knew I wanted to manage my pipeline in HubSpot. As a founder and salesperson, Luru is my favorite productivity and note-taker app. I take a LOT of notes and the CRM auto-sync functionality fits my needs perfectly. Basically sales notes on steroids.

Sanjay Shenoy

Founder, Tractionn