Drive focussed meetings.
With practical playbooks.

On a Zoom or Google Meet call with your client and want to access your CRM ? Luru will help you do that - with a single click or even without

Meeting Co-Pilot to ace your meetings

Take notes from inside Zoom and Google Meet

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Create and Access notes right within your meeting app
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Access your CRM right from within the meeting
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Magic linking to CRM records
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Clutter free Interface
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No context switches
Take sales notes within Zoom and Meet

Follow Playbooks that helps you during meetings

When you create playbooks, Luru will automatically load the right playbook for you by looking at the meeting participants. You can concentrate on the meeting and take your notes, while Luru does the heavy lifting. You can refer your CRM fields right inside notes and templates.

Meeting Templates

Maximize value you derive from your CRM using Luru

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Super Secure

We do not access or store your CRM data. Your data is yours. Your secrets are safe with us.

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Fastest way to access your CRM

With Luru you can access your CRM anywhere, where you work. And with just a click. No more context switches and multiple clicks

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Simple and beautiful

Luru is designed with simplicity in mind. It abstracts away all the complexities of your CRM and gives you a clean interface that you will love working with


Access SaleForce like never before with a click of a mouse or a keyboard shortcut

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Using Hubspot as your CRM? Use Luru to improve productivity and derive more from Hubspot

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Take better notes and access Pipedrive even faster and improve your productivity with Luru

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Take notes, access your opportunity right from within the Zoom App

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Google Meet

Access your sales notes and update your CRM from within Google Meet using Luru's Chrome Extension

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Implement all your Sales Processes on Slack using the no code workflow builder. Get your work done from where you are

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