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We fixed CRM hygiene
the right way

Say goodbye to poor data quality, wasted time, revenue leaks and unreliable forecasts. Embrace Luru's game changing solution that integrates all your scattered sales data into your CRM - with no extra effort!

GPT Powered
AI assistant for
automated updates to

MagicSync’s AI makes sense of the scattered sales information from emails, meetings, notes, and Slack conversations and automatically updates CRM with necessary information.

Before MagicSync
❌   Broken CRM hygiene
❌   Hours of admin work updating CRM
❌   Scattered information across tools
❌   Poor pipeline visibility
❌   Frustrated Sales and RevOps teams
❌   Guesswork and inaccurate forecasts
After MagicSync
✔️   3X revenue data in CRM
✔️   Boost sales rep productivity by 80%
✔️   CRM, your single source of truth
✔️   Pipeline that reflects reality
✔️   Happy Sales and RevOps teams
✔️   Accurate forecasts


Log information, not data dumps.
Update only what matters.

Make your CRM the single source of truth

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Crush your quota with better data

Less admin time and more selling time

Save hours of tedious and manual administrative work by allowing MagicSync to automatically update your CRM. Sales Reps can concentrate on the next customer call, RevOps teams can concentrate on real RevOps challenges and Sales Leaders can think about new growth strategies.

Maximum ROI from CRM investment

Money invested in CRMs with incomplete or outdated data is no good investment. Make every dollar invested in your CRM worth it. A CRM with better data ensures better reporting, forecasting and planning which are essential to execute efficient sales processes.

Make your CRM the single source of truth

Sales information is scattered across various work apps such as email, notes, meetings, and messages. MagicSync analyzes all this information and logs only relevant information in your CRM. MagicSync uses generative AI and domain understanding to convert unstructured data into meaningful information you can use.