Master CRM hygiene with Luru: The key to unrivalled sales performance

Imagine a world where your CRM data is always clean, relevant, and actionable. That world is here with Luru. Experience peak sales performance and operational efficiency, one clean record at a time.

Understanding CRM Hygiene for Sales

Unleashing the full potential of your CRM starts with understanding and maintaining CRM hygiene. This fundamental process is a game-changer for any sales team seeking to optimize their sales processes and achieve superior outcomes.

CRM hygiene refers to the practice of keeping your CRM data clean, accurate, and up-to-date. It's about ensuring your sales team operates with the most relevant and reliable information, thereby streamlining sales processes and driving enhanced performance.

Why is it so critical? Without robust CRM hygiene, your sales team faces the risk of poor data quality. This could lead to unqualified leads, inaccurate sales forecasts, and inefficient sales processes - all detrimental to your sales performance.

CRM hygiene is more than a Sales problem

1. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Supercharge your marketing efforts with accurate and complete data, ensuring personalized campaigns and higher conversion rates.

2. Strategic Hiring and Resource Allocation: Optimize your teams and resources based on accurate forecasts and comprehensive data.

3. Agile Product Roadmap Planning: Collaborate seamlessly between sales and product teams, delivering innovative solutions that meet market demands.

Why use Luru to automate your sales process?
Ensure repeatability
Well implemented process ensures predictable customer experiences and sales cycles. Automate and adopt successful methodologies and processes at each stage of the sales cycle with Luru's automation module.
Improve pipeline efficiency
Set up automation rules seamlessly to ensure no deal goes unnoticed before it’s too late. Automate your sales process to gain real-time pipeline visibility, improve team collaboration, and reduce lead leakage for faster deal closure.
Boost sales productivity
Enable one-click CRM updates right from Slack, saving time and reducing the hassle of switching between platforms for sales reps. RevOps can focus on high-level tasks by automating manual alerts and follow-ups.

How Luru helps you achieve sales process automation

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Elevate your meetings with Meeting Co-Pilot

Take your meetings to the next level with Luru's Meeting Co-pilot. With features like real-time note-taking, automatic CRM updates, and post-meeting action items, Luru makes it easy to stay organized and focused during meetings. Luru ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and keeps everyone on track.

Keep your notes in sync

Built for sales teams, you can create and access notes right within your meeting app. With real-time syncing, customizable templates, and one-click CRM updates, Luru makes it easy to keep track of important details and automate the sales process.

Close more deals with your Sidekick

Luru's Sidekick is your perfect sales companion. You can quickly access and manage your CRM from anywhere, with real-time Slack alerts, one-click updates, and powerful pipeline views. Say goodbye to unrelenting context switches and frantic clicking. With Sidekick, you can bring CRM to your fingertips supercharging your sales process and closing more deals.

Optimize your sales Pipeline

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline with Luru's pipeline management feature. Manage all your deals and opportunities in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. You can create custom views in seconds and update your pipeline with a single click. Luru makes it easy to stay on top of your sales pipeline.

So much more than a sales process automation software.
Luru is an omnipresent revenue workspace loved by global sales teams. Luru helps revenue teams improve revenue efficiency, CRM data hygiene, and sales productivity.
Sales methodology implementation
Be it MEDDIC or BANT or your own, implement successful methodologies at scale and make it easy for reps to adopt. Make every rep a super rep!
Sales pipeline management
Centralized pipeline management with sales Playbooks and one-click CRM updates from wherever Sales teams work. Stay on top of your pipeline with real-time Slack alerts and powerful pipeline views for monitoring.


What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the use of software tools and applications like Luru to streamline repetitive tasks in the sales process. It includes lead nurturing, record creation, email campaigns, follow-up tasks, scheduling, reporting, and invoicing among others. It helps sales teams save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

How to automate your sales process?

Start by identifying the repetitive tasks like lead scoring, email campaigns, data entry, etc, and identify the areas that can be improved with automation. Luru helps execute, monitor, and automate sales processes at scale with Slack workflow automation and meeting playbook templates 

How to automate the sales process in Salesforce or HubSpot?

After identifying the areas and tasks to automate, configure rules interfacing Salesforce or HubSpot using Luru workflows automation features.

How to automate the sales funnel?

To automate sales funnel processes, first, identify the stages of your sales process like lead generation, lead nurturing, follow-up tasks, closing the deal, etc. Then, select and configure the right tools and software to automate these tasks and optimize the funnel at each stage. With Luru’s workflow builder, you can automate your sales funnel in minutes. 

Why Revenue teams love Luru
Harsha Chelle
Strategic Accounts, Postman
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Helps me quickly search and access Salesforce

Luru has made taking sales notes and updating Salesforce a breeze. All the context for my accounts are accessible for me and my team in a single place

Sethu Meenakshisundaram
Co-founder, Zluri
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Luru has helped us stay on top of our pipeline

We are able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack. This has helped us to get a better picture of our pipeline in real time, identify blockers and react quickly to close more deals

Varun Raj
Sales Leader, Exotel
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As a sales leader, Luru is a life saver!

The ability to pre-define templates and prompt my SDRs and AEs on must-discuss info is amazing! Personally, my hunt for a hassle-free meeting note taker is over :)

Shivam Gupta
Head - Sales, Cogno AI
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Luru gives easy visibility into my team’s pipeline helping in better pipeline review meetings.

Luru enables my team to update Salesforce a lot quicker through a simple spreadsheet-like interface. Now our pipeline is always up-to-date !