Introducing Workflows - Automate your sales process the right way

January 9, 2023
Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth

Introducing Luru Workflows - the no code workflow builder that will make creating sales processes a piece of cake. If your team uses Salesforce and Slack, Luru workflows will help you turbo charge your entire sales process. With workflows you can build triggers for any condition, send bi-directional alerts and access and update salesforce right from within Slack.

Benefits of Workflows

Well implemented workflows can help streamline your sales processes. Clear and well implemented workflows can help to

  • Get a clear picture of your actual pipeline
  • Take Salesforce work to where you work - Slack
  • Get Insights into deal movements and deal cycles
  • Know when your team needs help
  • And much more

Modern sales processes have changed for the better - consultative selling methods, more specialised tools and collaborative selling. And yet some of the sales processes remain manual and a lot of time across AEs, Sales Leaders and Rev Ops teams get spent on tasks that could be automated or made easier. Luru Workflows addresses this exact problem by connecting your communications channel (Slack) and your CRM

Sample Workflows to turbo charge your sale process

Celebrate as a team

One of the simplest workflows that increases visibility and builds a sense of camaraderie are alerts for deals that are won. Wouldn't you love to tell your team about that tough deal that you cracked ? And wouldn't you love to give them a high five for all that work? Yeah, say all that with a gif

Say it with a Gif

Missing Fields Alerts

An opportunity moved into a new stage, but the necessary fields are missing? The AE might have gotten busy with all the work to hit the monthly quota. Send them a nice little nudge with an ability to update only the missing fields on Slack. No more opening the CRM and wading through all those fields. Better CRM hygiene for the leader and simpler interface for the AE. Win, win!

Stuck Deal Alert

Betting on some large deals this quarter, but there is no movement on it and it's getting forgotten. No problem. You can set alerts to intimate you and the team on deals that get stuck in a stage for a while or are not seeing any activity. You can then send that email to revive the deal or set up a follow up meeting. No more, out of sight out of mind deals

Scheduled Alert for Large Value Deals

Do you want a report of all the high value deals in a particular stage every week before you get into the hustle? You can set scheduled alerts with any condition and you can have a quick glance at your pipeline. Better visibility!

The Workflow builder is a powerful tool that you can use to automate all of your sales processes. You can configure multiple scenarios and workflows in seconds. Go ahead and give it a try

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