How Storylane achieved better CRM hygiene and productive sales teams with meeting playbooks

Storylane has a lean revenue team with SDRs and AEs that engage with prospects and customers across mediums digitally. Their revenue stack is built on top of HubSpot.
Challenge 1:

Limited visibility into pipeline movement

Limited visibility into pipeline movement as data is not logged into CRM in real-time. Sales reps set aside 30 mins every evening to log data.

Sales reps use Playbook templates inside Meeting Co-pilot on Zoom and Google Meet.

Sales reps use Playbook templates inside Meeting Co-pilot on Zoom and Google Meet. The templates are pre-defined with HubSpot notes, fields, and questions to ask customers. The sales-critical information is logged into HubSpot in real-time during the calls and immediately after.
Reduced revenue leakage with better Sales data
After using Luru, Sales reps and leaders gain access to updated pipeline, always.
Challenge 2:
Lower rep productivity
CRM admin work consumed up to 4 hours per Sales rep every week.
Updating CRM from work apps
SDRs and AEs update CRM notes and fields from their work apps, LinkedIn or anywhere on the web, saving effort and time.
CRM busywork down by 75%
Reps save 30 minutes every day in CRM admin work
Fantastic tool to run on top of our HubSpot stack. Makes it easy for SDRs and AEs to access and update HubSpot from where they work.
Nalin Senthamil
Founder & CEO, Storylane

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