Introducing Luru Sidekick

November 18, 2022
Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth

Annoying context switches!

Context Switches are annoying. Imagine, you are on a Linkedin Page of a prospect and you find some information that’s important for closing the sale. You want to quickly take some notes for your next call or update the CRM with this information. Opening a new tab, and clicking multiple times through your CRM to access or update is just painful. It is a break in flow of your work. This is not how your workflow should be - lost in a hundred tabs and endless context switches. Enter Luru Sidekick, the context switch killer.

Luru sidekick

Luru Sidekick acts as the gateway to your CRM from any tab on your browser. You can now invoke Luru SideKick on any page that you are on by simply hitting CMD+J (Mac) or Ctrl+J (PC). Sidekick allows you to search and access your CRM right from the page you are in. In addition Sidekick  eliminates multiple clicks that you would do on your CRM to search or update any field of record.

Sidekick makes your CRM available to you where you want it and helps you update your CRM blazingly fast. In case you just want to access Luru for analysing your pipeline or reviewing your Opportunities, you can do that when you open a new tab on your browser. 

From here you can access your notes, pipeline , tasks and meetings just like you would on the Luru webapp.

Luru Sidekick is your productivity assistant that eliminates busy work so that you can concentrate on selling rather than on clicking frantically.

Luru is on a mission to make sure you derive maximum value from your CRM. Your CRM should work for you so that you can sell better.  Currently Luru works with Salesforce and Hubspot 

Download the Luru Chrome extension to get started

Happy Selling. Less Context Switching

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