How to take better Sales Notes

September 18, 2022
Karthikeyan Krishnamurthy
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth

Not everyone likes taking notes. I never did during my school days. But come exams, I was scrambling to get notes from folks who took detailed notes. And over the years in my career, I moved from someone who did not take notes to one who took detailed notes. And when I talk to peers in the industry, it also became obvious that the best sales reps took detailed notes. For them taking notes was not an ordeal; it was a tool to close deals better and faster. Good sales notes has multiple benefits 

Sales Notes

Reduce Information Loss

As a sales rep, you would be working on multiple deals in parallel. Some deals move fast, and some take their own sweet time. Switching between deals is unavoidable. But when moving between deals, it is important to have a reference of where you left the previous conversation. Having sales notes will let you start a deal from where you left. Without that we might be asking the same questions over and over again or miss pitching the most relevant features. And when you switch between deals a lot of information regarding deals get lost unless you take notes.

Collaborate better

Selling is no longer an individual sport. It has transformed into a team game where a customer interacts with multiple folks and teams. Sales notes bring everyone on the same page. Siloed selling is a thing of the past. Detailed notes which are available to the team also gets the right attention from the right folks. If you have notes about customer questions on security of the product your Security PM might just be able to help you with the right information to convince the customer. 

Increase transparency

Some of your largest deals take days or months or even quarters. A lot of information gets generated over this period. Having detailed information helps you to keep you and the customer on the same page. In a lot of cases, a sale falls through the cracks during the last stage because there was a mismatch between what the  customer wanted and what the product delivered. Sales notes through the sales journey helps keep all the stakeholders aware of expectations.

How to take  better sales notes using Luru?

Prepare for meetings

A five minute meeting prep can tremendously improve the outcome of your upcoming sales meeting. Ensure that you look through the following things prior to the meeting

  • Prior Notes
  • Any pending Action Items
  • Recent Emails

You can use Luru to quickly go through your previous notes and any pending action items. Use the quick search bar on the top right corner to search for the deal. In addition if there are points you would want to discuss during the meeting, ensure you take them as notes. Once you have your calendar connected to Luru, you can create a meeting note. Luru will pop this up during your meetings right inside Zoom or Google Meet

Create Playbooks and Templates

One of the best hacks to improve productivity is to optimise how you do repetitive tasks. Different stages of a deal require you collecting different information and asking the customer for specific information. Convert this into playbooks and templates. Using Luru you can create meeting templates that load up for you during a meeting which you can populate during the meeting. Using Luru you can

  • Define templates that nudge you or your team to cover specific points
  • Define set of CRM fields in the template that need to be filled in so that you don't have to do the additional task of updating them in your CRM later
  • Configure under what condition the template needs to be used. For example in case you follow MEDDIC process, you could create a template that prompts you to get these answers

Take notes and action items during the meeting

Luru pops up right inside your meeting App (Zoom or Google meet). If you have a template configured for the deal or you have taken meeting notes, Luru loads it up for you during the meeting. Oh, I missed mentioning that Luru magically finds the right deal for you by looking at the participants of the meeting. This way all your notes are synced automatically to the CRM. No more copying them over and wasting time.

Never postpone taking notes if you can take them right during the meeting. The later you take notes, the higher the chance of it never happening or information being missed. With Luru’s Note taker being right inside the Meeting App, you can take notes without context switches. You could even update the CRM fields directly right here inside notes.

         If there are action items that come out of the meeting ,you can create them inside Luru notes using the /task slash command. Action items are a great way to ensure you are on top of a deal and that you do not miss anything thats needed to close a deal     

Use your notes for follow ups

 It is a good practice to send follow ups post your meetings. This builds trust with your potential customer. You can copy the contents of your note from Luru by clicking on “Share note”

How to organize Sales notes

Taking sales notes feels tedious and mundane. But it is an effective tool used by star Sales Reps. Sometimes it's the boring habits that decide the difference between a won deal and the almost won deal. The finer details matter. Luru helps you by making notes less tiring and less boring and allows you to derive maximum value from your sales notes.  Do take it for a spin.

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