Introducing MagicSync: Luru’s game changing AI Co-Pilot for sales teams, powered by GPT-4

April 11, 2023
Sanjeeth Kumar
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth
The launch of ChatGPT at the start of the year was a watershed moment, disrupting a wide variety of industries.

At Luru, we have thought deeply and thoroughly about how generative AI is going to transform the field of sales and how it fits into our overall vision - fixing CRM hygiene. Our goal has been to ensure that CRMs become the single source of truth; what if we could convert scattered sales information across emails, meetings, chats, etc., into useful data in the CRM? ChatGPT fitted very well for this.

Our early experiments were interesting. Like with any breakthrough technology, the jump from the technological Aha moment to real-time application is not a straight line. ChatGPT 3.5 suffered from hallucinations, suggesting incorrect information. Incorrect data in your CRM could be worse than no data in your CRM. We had to tweak how we use it and what we used it for. The GPT-4 launch also addressed these hallucinations, reducing such occurrences significantly. Since then, we have been able to move our experiments from a shiny new toy phase to something that is immensely useful to our customers - MagicSync.

MagicSync - fixing CRM hygiene the right way

MagicSync takes all your sales data regarding your deals from different sources like email, Slack, Zoom, etc., and converts it into CRM fields with zero effort from you or your team. MagicSync does not just log emails and transcriptions. It goes many steps beyond - figuring out the right CRM fields and updating them with the right information.


Emails to CRM fields automatically

A lot of sales conversations happen over email. Sales reps spend hours per week just copying over this data from emails to the CRM or, invariably, forget to do so amidst all the other tasks they need to juggle. MagicSync gleans only the relevant information from these email conversations and automatically converts them into CRM field updates for you. Better data with no effort.

MagicSync for emails
Figuring out Next Steps from your Sales calls

A lot happens during sales calls. Demos, discoveries, objections, and a whole lot of information. Transcripts and recordings are useful to refer back to later. But they are time-consuming as well. What if they were automatically converted into next steps and CRM information? MagicSync does that for you.

MagicSync for Meetings

MagicSync does more - assisting you in Slack channels, figuring out missing contacts, etc., all on its own. It's your magic pill to fix your CRM hygiene with absolutely no effort from you. We believe this is the way sales teams' interactions with the CRM need to be.

How can I signup for MagicSync?

You can sign up for MagicSync here. We have been using this internally and piloted it with some early customers, witnessing tremendous results. However, with any cutting-edge technology, there are issues - we have observed some ChatGPT-4 hallucinations during our testing; thus, we are polishing MagicSync and opening it up carefully. Sign up for the waitlist, and we will start rolling it out in batches. We are building a trustworthy co-pilot for sales teams, and we believe this is the future of how sales teams work.

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