Get Ahead in Sales: 17 Essential Sales Enablement Tools

November 19, 2023
Ananda Kumar
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth

Sales teams today face immense pressure to drive revenue in an increasingly competitive landscape. But excelling at the art and science of selling requires more than just individual rep skills and effort. Sales enablement equips teams with the right strategies, knowledge, and tools for success.

Sales enablement tools provide the platforms to unlock productivity, accelerate performance, and gain a competitive edge. By centralizing critical capabilities for sales execution, these tools empower teams to deliver peak results.

This article will explore what sales enablement tools are, the value they provide, and the top solutions driving results in the market today. We will also outline a framework to identify and select the best enablement tools for your unique needs.

What are sales enablement tools?

Sales enablement tools refer to software, platforms, and technologies that empower sales teams with the right skills, knowledge, strategies, and resources to more effectively engage buyers, close deals faster, and drive more revenue.

These sales enabling tools provide capabilities like:

  • Centralized databases to access sales collateral, presentations, training resources, and other assets
  • Content creation features to develop personalized sales materials on the fly
  • Built-in sales training and coaching modules for continuous education
  • Contact, account, and list management functionalities
  • Email and outreach automation to scale prospecting and follow-ups
  • Data-driven insights through sales analytics, forecasts, and performance tracking

By providing these and other productivity-enhancing capabilities, sales enablement tools aim to optimize selling best practices, streamline operations, and enhance rep performance.

But the benefits extend beyond just equipping sales teams. When leveraged strategically, tools for sales enablement provide immense organization-wide value:

  • Better buyer experiences - Personalized, relevant sales interactions and seamless hand-offs create satisfied customers.
  • Improved sales productivity - Automation and education empower reps to focus on selling activities.
  • Enhanced team collaboration - Shared playbooks and visibility into deal progress and performance foster alignment.
  • Accelerated revenue growth - Data insights help managers refine strategies and invest in high-ROI sales activities.

Different types of sales enablement tools

When it comes to sales enablement software, one tool does not rule them all. These solutions come in a range of types, each equipped to enhance specific aspects of sales execution. Let’s see some of the key types:

tools for sales enablement

Sales process automation tools

These tools focus on eliminating the kryptonite of manual administrative tasks. Platforms like Luru provide workflow automation, data syncing across systems, and personalized outreach scaling. By automating repetitive duties, they free up reps to focus on high-value activities like building relationships.

Sales readiness and training tools

Sales readiness and training tools aim to continually expand sales skills and knowledge. They apply modern formats like microlearning, AI coaching, and role-playing to equip teams for sales conversations that drive conversions. The goal is continual readiness through engaging and data-driven development.

Sales content management tools

As the name suggests, sales content management tools act as centralized hubs to access, organize, and distribute sales content assets. This ensures reps have quick access to the latest collateral like presentations, playbooks, and training documents. It also facilitates brand and messaging consistency.

Sales customer engagement tools

Sales customer engagement tools help sales teams master the art of engaging buyers across critical channels. Features for workflow automation, templates for personalized outreach, and analytics optimize the quality and timeliness of prospect communications across touchpoints.

Sales performance management tools

Motivation is pivotal in the hypercompetitive sales arena. Performance management platforms incorporate gamification with features like scorecards, leaderboards, and analytics on sales activities. By tracking and applying positive psychology, they drive desired behaviors and results.

17 Top sales enablement tools

With an arsenal of enablement solutions, revenue teams are armed to skillfully tackle any sales challenges. Now let’s explore the best sales enablement tools for each type mentioned above:

Sales process automation

1. Luru 

Does manual CRM updating and sending follow-up emails eat up your team's time? Luru is a sales automation tool that eliminates these tedious tasks so your team can focus on higher-value work.

Luru sales enablement tool

This innovative platform seamlessly integrates with the productivity apps sales reps already use daily, like Outlook, Gmail, Teams, Slack, and CRM(Salesforce and HubSpot). It automates repetitive administrative workflows that drain selling time.

With Luru, you can sync interactions across customer touchpoints, create personalized outreach campaigns with CRM data, streamline meeting productivity, and get pipeline visibility. You can create workflows and alerts so reps don't have to switch between apps or remember manual processes. This allows them to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Key capabilities Luru offers include:

  • Bi-directional CRM sync that maintains up-to-date customer data across sales tools with no manual copying or exporting. Changes made in Slack automatically sync to the CRM.
  • Personalized email outreach that draws on CRM data to add custom merge fields, greetings, timing, and more to craft targeted, relevant outreach at scale.
  • Meeting productivity enhancements like calendaring automation and post-meeting templates to eliminate the manual legwork before and after calls.
  • Pipeline visibility within Slack gives managers real-time access to CRM reports and notifications without having to export or request constant updates.

By automating repetitive tasks, Luru helps teams regain around 10 hours per rep weekly previously spent on admin work. This time can be invested in prospecting, demos, negotiations, and other high-value sales activities.

In summary, Luru aims to drive productivity, and effectiveness, and accelerate revenue growth by providing an automated turbocharger that supercharges sales.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is the market-leading CRM platform that acts as a centralized workspace for sales teams. Core sales enablement features include contact and account management, opportunity tracking, workflow automation, predictive lead scoring, activity logging, analytics, and an ecosystem of third-party integrations. No doubt it is one of the most popular sales enablement software.

Salesforce sales enablement tool

These capabilities coupled with an intuitive interface allow reps to execute the entire sales process from prospecting to renewals within Salesforce. Teams can track interactions, standardize workflows, gain pipeline visibility, leverage built-in coaching/training tools, and manage complex sales cycles with efficiency and productivity.

Salesforce delivers the CRM power needed to maximize sales team effectiveness. It keeps contacts, deals, and tasks updated and accessible in one trusted platform that sales reps can lean on to boost their performance.

3. Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement platform that streamlines outreach by automating repetitive tasks and centralizing prospect interactions. It provides multi-channel tracking, AI data capture, workflow integrations, and analytics to optimize productivity.

Outreach enables automation mastery through features like predictive lead scoring, auto-logging, and sales acceleration. Teams gain actionable insights to tailor outreach while removing manual work.

By achieving automation mastery with Outreach, teams can focus on having impactful conversations while the platform handles busy work. This allows selling at scale without the manual grind.

4. HubSpot

Another popular B2B sales enablement tool is HubSpot. It is an all-in-one CRM that combines pipeline visibility, email sequencing, workflow triggers, content analytics, and meetings integration powered by robust automation capabilities. This aims to arm teams with insights and efficiency to execute sales processes at scale.

HubSpot sales enablement tool

HubSpot enables sales mastery through capabilities like Salesforce integration, email tracking, pipeline analytics, and more. Teams can hyperjump deals towards closed-won by eliminating repetitive tasks.

HubSpot brings the visibility and automation needed for teams to achieve mastery, unlock productivity, and deliver faster sales velocity.

Sales readiness and training

5. Highspot

Highspot is the AI-powered sales enablement Sherpa guiding reps to content peaks. This platform acts as a centralized hub providing intuitive access to quality content, micro-learning, coaching, and actionable analytics.

With Highspot, reps can leverage AI to surface the right content proven to engage each prospect. Expertise-sharing and coaching tools empower teams to work collaboratively. Sales conversations are analyzed to deliver data-driven recommendations so reps have the right messaging and assets.

Seamless content creation, performance tracking, and expertise sharing allow reps to deliver tailored pitches while optimizing content usage. By bringing enablement capabilities together into one unified platform, Highspot aims to boost productivity, operations, and buyer experience.

6. Seismic

Seismic is the sales enablement coach developing all-star performance through content, training, and analytics. This platform delivers a centralized enablement hub for managing pitch decks, tracking content usage, conducting microlearning, and gaining data-driven insights.

Seismic sales enablement tool

With Seismic, teams enhance sales conversations by identifying high-performing assets, aligning messaging, and tailoring interactions. Task automation, buyer engagement analytics, and sales tool integration optimize readiness while accelerating sales cycles. 

Seismic focuses on effective content delivery, knowledge development, and strategy refinement to turn reps into trusted advisors. It's time to get your enablement training into championship form!

7. Brainshark

Brainshark is a sales enablement platform focused on creating compelling video content that engages modern learners. It provides tools to produce dynamic visuals, interactive elements, and digestible training bites to boost retention and readiness.

It brings coaching to life and ensures consistent messaging across teams. It enables experts to transform dry content into inspirational video-based learning. Analytics identify areas to refine enablement strategies.

The tool makes skill development captivating through the visual medium. It helps create an engaging, continual learning culture by delivering the edge teams need to improve performance.

8. Allego

Allego is a sales learning platform where reps can practice, collaborate, and receive coaching to hone their conversation skills. It offers microlearning resources, pitch tools, content sharing, and AI-powered feedback.

By training with Allego, reps can master skills through repetition, teamwork, and personalized coaching. It provides continuous enablement to equip teams for any sales situation and help them deliver winning pitches.

Allego sharpens sales acumen through targeted readiness exercises like skills practice, peer collaboration, and just-in-time feedback. It gets teams fighting fit so they can tackle objections and ace every sales conversation.

9. Mindtickle

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that combines microlearning, gamification, and role-playing to drive continuous skill development. It offers bite-sized videos, team challenges, leaderboards, and rewards programs aimed at motivation and mastery.

It helps teams constantly hone abilities through interactive content, healthy competition, and methodology reinforcement. Managers gain insights into knowledge retention to refine programs.

Staying sharp is vital to winning complex deals. With continuous training from Mindtickle, teams stay eager and equipped to succeed in any revenue battle. It sharpens sales acumen and keeps the competitive edge razor-sharp.

10. SalesHood

SalesHood offers targeted sales enablement including onboarding, microlearning, coaching, and motivation tools tailored to equip reps. It focuses on developing reps from initial training to mastery. It provides new hire journey curriculums, and skills reinforcement through knowledge checks, coaching workflows, and leaderboards driving continuous improvement.

For reps to fully achieve their potential, readiness must be consistently nurtured. SalesHood builds structured programs to groom aptitude and transform eager apprentices into sales masters.

Don't leave rep enablement to chance. SalesHood offers the tools to facilitate progression at all levels - from fundamentals to proficiency. With this targeted training, your team's selling skills and deals completed will continue advancing.

Sales content management

11. Showpad

Showpad is a sales enablement platform driving team productivity through microlearning, coaching, content tools, and analytics. Capabilities like video training, personalized content, and engagement data optimize readiness and usage.

Showpad sales enablement tool

The tool tirelessly identifies areas for improvement so teams execute at peak potential. It provides tailored coaching and assets to master sales conversation skills. Teams can better manage pitch decks, reinforce learning, gain buyer insights, and accelerate deals.

By optimizing rep productivity and accelerating deals, Showpad pushes teams to achieve sales mastery. It equips teams with the preparation and insights required to consistently win.

12. GTM Buddy

Sales enablement platforms can feel disorganized, making it tough to access the latest resources and training. GTM Buddy consolidates these assets into one hub to streamline enablement.

GTM Buddy sales enablement tool

This tool curates microlearning courses, roleplay exercises, and competitive intelligence into a user-friendly format. The goal is to equip sales reps with the skills and information to drive conversions.

Think of GTM Buddy as your sales team's co-pilot, always ready to provide the necessary intel and materials. From pitch decks to case studies and competitive intelligence, it curates and organizes everything in a user-friendly format.

The tool ensures that your sales team is always prepared, minimizing time spent searching for resources and maximizing time spent engaging with potential clients. It's the essential companion for modern sales teams aiming to maintain a competitive edge.

13. DocSend

DocSend is a document-sharing platform providing trackable links, real-time analytics, and AI-driven insights to optimize pitch content. It captures prospect behavior data to inform better follow-up and conversations.

It helps teams master audience targeting through data-driven insights on content resonance. Like a virtuoso, it ensures pitches hit the right notes.

DocSend reveals which stories, messages, and formats resonate so teams can double down on what matters most. It turns decks into symphonies by eliminating the guesswork in pitch optimization.

Sales customer engagement

14. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is the outreach trainer teaching teams to deliver masterful prospect engagement. This sales engagement platform provides templated scripts, Cadence workflows, activity logging, and data-driven insights to optimize execution.

SalesLoft sales enablement tool

With this tool, teams can orchestrate personalized outreach combos across multiple channels using pre-built templates and automation. It also offers visibility into prospect interactions and sentiment to identify what messages resonate.

SalesLoft enables flawless prospect engagement through email, calls, and more. This platform helps you master the outreach - delivering the right contacts, at the right time, with the right message. Add SalesLoft to your stack and watch prospect engagement soar.

15. Dubb

Dubb is a video messaging platform that helps teams cut through the noise with personalized engagement. It makes creating and tracking hyper-personalized video outreach easy using integrated CRM data.

This tool provides an intuitive video recorder, automation workflows, and conversation analytics to help grab prospect attention. Teams can establish quick connections at scale and see what messaging works best.

For sales teams frustrated that generic outreach is being ignored, Dubb delivers the custom video engagement today's buyers want. It helps you break through and drive results by capturing prospect interest.

With Dubb as your copilot, you can deliver personalized, high-impact conversations that hit home with modern buyers. Your outreach will captivate audiences and build connections that matter.

Sales performance management

16. Chorus

Chorus is the sales conversation tool by Zoom that elevates rep skills through data-driven insights. This intelligence platform records, transcribes, and analyzes calls to enhance team knowledge. Chorus provides searchable content, easy sharing of best practices, and AI-generated tips based on competitive benchmarking.

Chorus sales enablement tool

Like an all-knowing oracle, the Chorus uncovers strengths, gaps, and paths to boost conversation abilities. The platform integrates tightly with CRM systems to maximize visibility.

Even seasoned reps miss opportunities to improve. With guidance from the sales conversation oracle, your team will unlock their highest conversational potential. Prospects will be eager to talk with reps equipped with data-driven skills.

17. Ambition

Ambition is a performance management platform driving results through visibility, accountability, and friendly competition powered by scorecards, competitions, and real-time analytics.

Ambition sales enablement tool

Like a hype man rallying a crowd, Ambition fires up teams to hit metrics by tracking activities and fueling healthy competition. Visibility into contributions keeps everyone striving towards sales potential.

Ambition sustains peak performance with positive energy from celebrating wins and achievements. It creates an engaged, results-driven culture. Ambition amplifies revenue in direct proportion to the hype generated.

How to choose the best sales enablement tools?

We have given one of the best sales enablement tools examples. But there are even more platforms available, and choosing the right tools tailored to your needs and workstyles can be challenging. Here is a step-by-step process:

choose the best sales enabling tools

Step 1: Identify specific needs and gaps

Objectively assess your existing sales processes and workflows. Pinpoint productivity or performance gaps that need improvement. Conduct user research to gather feedback. This analysis will reveal priority areas to target with enablement tools.

Step 2: Map user requirements 

Meet with sales reps and leaders across levels to determine precisely what capabilities your team needs day-to-day to excel and hit their goals. Document user requirements and needs for factors like training, content access, CRM access, and automation.

Step 3: Prioritize tool capabilities

Based on the needs analysis, rank the importance of features – e.g., content management, sales readiness training, data integrations, conversation intelligence, process automation, etc. This will guide your tool selection process.

Step 4: Compile tool options

Conduct market research to compile a list of tools offering capabilities that align with your prioritized requirements. Create a comparison table to catalog features and options across target tools.

best sales enablement tools

Step 5: Leverage free trials

Shortlist tools and pilot them with a small group of users through free demos or trials. Get hands-on feedback on user experience, functionality, and effectiveness.

Step 6: Evaluate ease of adoption

Assess the complexity of navigating and using shortlisted tools. Sales reps need intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces for rapid adoption. Ease of use is pivotal for enablement.

Step 7: Review implementation support

Examine the quality of onboarding, training, and ongoing customer support offered by the vendor. Superior change management capabilities will ensure smooth tool deployment.

Step 8: Select aligning tools

Based on the total assessment, select the sales enablement platforms that best align with your priorities, requirements, and workstyles for successful adoption.

Choosing sales enablement tools tailored to your team’s specific needs and workflows is the key to maximizing value. The right solutions provide the foundation to achieve sales excellence. If you are looking for some tools to manage your sales, here’s an exhaustive list of sales management software you can choose from.

Level up sales enablement with Luru

With the right sales enablement tools in place, teams gain the continuous skills development, content access, and workflow automation needed to execute sales strategies smoothly. But the tools are just the foundation - how you leverage them will determine results.

sales enablement software, top sales enablement tool

Here are 3 tips to maximize the value of your tech stack:

  1. Ensure thorough onboarding and training to drive adoption across all users. Provide ongoing refreshers.
  2. Build enablement capabilities into regular sales meetings and coaching sessions. Reinforcement is key.
  3. Analyze usage metrics and user feedback. Refine configurations continuously to align with evolving needs.

And if you need a centralized enablement hub providing the essential automation, insights, and seamless integrations sales teams need, be sure to check out Luru. Luru empowers teams with the capabilities required for sales success today - at your fingertips directly within the work apps you already use daily.

Equip your sales team to excel by selecting and fully leveraging the right sales enablement platforms. With the tools and knowledge to sell smarter, hitting your revenue goals is within reach!

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