Banish the 'Salesforce Guy' Moniker! Boosting Visibility for the RevOps Team

May 15, 2023
Sanjeeth Kumar
Lazy Sales Reps is a myth

Hello, Revop-ers(is that a word yet?) ! Have you found yourself labeled as "the Salesforce guy" or "the CRM operator"? Feeling a bit like you're in the shadows even as your role in the Revenue Operations (RevOps) team grows in significance? If this rings a bell, you're not alone! As RevOps becomes an increasingly important piece in the business puzzle, it's unfortunately still a role that's often misunderstood or overlooked. But worry not, my friends! We've got a roadmap chock-full of tips to help you illuminate the importance of your role and raise the visibility of RevOps throughout your company.

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let's just acknowledge this simple truth: the RevOps team is the unsung hero of any organization. You are the strategic wizards who keep the revenue machinery running smoothly, the analytical maestros who transform data into actionable insights, and the operational rockstars who align sales, marketing, and customer success teams. So, let's get started on making sure everyone in the company knows just how crucial you are!

Host RevOps Open Houses:

First things first, let's get people in the door (real or virtual)! Organize an Open House event where other teams can understand what RevOps does. Show them the nitty-gritty of Salesforce, how CRM actually aids their work, and how data analytics contributes to decision-making. You're not just operating tools; you're enabling strategies. Remember, the more people understand your work, the more they'll appreciate your value.

Showcase Success Stories:

How about a little show and tell? Sharing specific instances where your team made a significant impact can go a long way towards improving visibility. Did your team's efforts lead to a shorter sales cycle? Or maybe your data analytics helped identify a new market opportunity? Share these wins with the rest of the company. Let them know that behind every successful initiative, there’s a RevOps team working their magic! And when you do that do not forget to pass on kudos the sales, marketing and every other team that worked with you on these successes. When you acknowledge others, they will acknowledge you as well. That's how humans work

RevOps Newsletters:

Now, who doesn't enjoy a well-crafted, informative newsletter? Design a monthly or quarterly newsletter that highlights what your team has been up to, the projects you're working on, and how it all ties to the company's goals. This isn't just about tooting your own horn; it's about enhancing company-wide communication and collaboration. Before you go - "Oh, No! That is too much effort", trust me on this. Internal news letters within the company have worked wonders for me in different roles.

Cross-functional Projects:

Nothing beats hands-on experience. Collaborate on projects that allow other teams to work closely with you. This gives them a firsthand view of the strategic thinking, problem-solving, and detailed analysis that goes into RevOps work. This approach will give you allies across departments who understand and appreciate your role.

Training Sessions:

Training sessions are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and the complexity of your work. Offering to train others on basic Salesforce or CRM use not only highlights your expertise, but also subtly shows the rest of the company how invaluable you are. Plus, who doesn't love the chance to play teacher for a day?

Regular Reporting:

Last but not least, regular reporting can keep your work front and center. Whether it's a weekly update at a company meeting or a monthly report sent via email, make it a point to communicate your team's progress regularly. Show how your efforts are supporting the company's bottom line and driving growth.

In the end, remember this: being the 'Salesforce guy' or 'CRM operator' is not a bad thing. But you're so much more than that. You're the pulse that keeps the company's revenue heart beating. It's about time everyone else realized that, too.

Get out there, dear RevOps champions. Shine that light brightly, and let them see you for the rockstars you are!

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