Luru Support FAQ

As you may have experienced, Luru is very simple to use and is designed to improve the productivity of Sales teams. But, if you face any issues or have any queries regarding Luru, you can file a support ticket.

How to file a support ticket:

In case you face any issue while working with Luru, you can contact our support team in the following ways : Send an email to support@luru.freshdesk.comGot to the Luru Support portal and click on 'Submit a Ticket'
When can you expect a response for your ticket

You can expect our support team to respond to your ticket as follows:
Issues that affect access to Luru (S1)   -        7 hours
Eg: You are unable to log into Luru

Usability issues (S2)   -                                           24 hours
Eg: Pipeline page is taking loading slowly

General queries (S3)   -                                          24 hours

Enhancements (S4)     -                                          48 hours

Working hours
Our support team works between 8 AM to 12 AM (Pacific time) on weekdays (Monday - Friday).