Reduce Friction.
Accelerate sales velocity.

Luru is not just a slack connector or a skin over your CRM. Luru is the complete workspace for your entire revenue team. It will reduce the time spent with the sales stack and increase time spent on selling, the way it should really be.

A better experience for
Sales leaders, Ops teams and AEs


Use workflows to deploy your entire sales process on Slack with just a few clicks. Configure actionable automations that will give you clear visibility of your pipeline and allow your team to update your CRM right from within Slack.

Sell as a team. Win as a team


Meeting Co-Pilot

The beautiful no nonsense note taker will help you create and organise your notes right from within Zoom and Google Meet. It loads right from within your meeting app so that you do not have to switch contexts to take notes. With it's magic linking 🪄 and auto syncing your notes are always available whenever you need them

Say bye to scattered notes.

Take sales notes within Zoom and Meet

Practical Playbooks

Create meeting playbooks that guide you through the calls. Luru will automatically load the right playbook for you by looking at the meeting participants and your CRM entries. You can concentrate on the meeting and take your notes, while Luru does the heavy lifting

Processes with no friction.

Meeting Templates

Luru Sidekick

Tired of having those 42 browser tabs open and having to switch context every time you need to access your CRM? Enter Sidekick which will summon the CRM wherever you are. Prospecting on Linkedin, or sending an email or prepping for an upcoming meeting, just hit a shortcut and your CRM will be right there for you

No more context switches


Pipeline Views

View all your opportunities in a single view, just like you would on a spreadsheet. Slice and dice them with intelligent filters and update them in place without having to do multiple clicks. Ace those pipeline review meetings.

Freedom from rage clicking

View your opportunites as a pipeline

Super Simple Task Manager

Quickly create action items for yourself and your team in a single click. Luru will remind you about it when you are emailing your client or have an upcoming meeting with them

All your action items at your fingertip

Action Items
Reduce time spent on your CRM
Increase value from your CRM
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Super Secure

We do not access or store your CRM data. Your data is yours. Your secrets are safe with you.

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Fastest way to use your CRM

With Luru you can access your CRM anywhere, where you work. And with just a click. No more context switches and multiple clicks.

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Simple and beautiful

Luru is designed with simplicity in mind. It abstracts away all the complexities of your CRM and gives you a clean interface that you will love working with.


Access SaleForce like never before with a click of a mouse or a keyboard shortcut

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Using Hubspot as your CRM? Use Luru to improve productivity and derive more from Hubspot

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Take better notes and access Pipedrive even faster and improve your productivity with Luru

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Take notes, access your opportunity right from within the Zoom App

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Google Meet

Access your sales notes and update your CRM from within Google Meet using Luru's Chrome Extension

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Implement all your Sales Processes on Slack using the no code workflow builder. Get your work done from where you are

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What do users feel about using Luru?

"Luru helped me to take better notes"
"If you use Salesforce, you must use Luru"
"Playbooks guide my client meetings"
"A great enabler for SDR and sales teams"
"Workflows work like a charm. Live in minutes!"
"Playbook automagic has been a killer feature"
"Luru has simplified Salesforce for me"
"Luru has been a timesaver and lifesaver"
"Saves me a 100 clicks on HubSpot"
"Our entire sales process is on Slack now"
"Fantastic productivity extension"
"Sidekick is the most helpful feature"

Using Salesforce or HubSpot?

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