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Why Revenue teams love Luru
Harsha Chelle
Strategic Accounts, Postman
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Helps me quickly search and access Salesforce

Luru has made taking sales notes and updating Salesforce a breeze. All the context for my accounts are accessible for me and my team in a single place

Sethu Meenakshisundaram
Co-founder, Zluri
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Luru has helped us stay on top of our pipeline

We are able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack. This has helped us to get a better picture of our pipeline in real time, identify blockers and react quickly to close more deals

Varun Raj
Sales Leader, Exotel
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As a sales leader, Luru is a life saver!

The ability to pre-define templates and prompt my SDRs and AEs on must-discuss info is amazing! Personally, my hunt for a hassle-free meeting note taker is over :)

Shivam Gupta
Head - Sales, Cogno AI
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Luru gives easy visibility into my team’s pipeline helping in better pipeline review meetings.

Luru enables my team to update Salesforce a lot quicker through a simple spreadsheet-like interface. Now our pipeline is always up-to-date !

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