Salesforce + Slack

Heading in eleven words or less.

This is a description for the page heading - the description consists of three parts. In the first part, it explains the heading in simpler words. The second part explains by combining both the trigger and action below in one sentence. The final part is benefit on how this automation helps sales teams. Word limit - 50 maximum.

When this happens...
Trigger phrase. Word limit - 5
This description explains above trigger in detail. Word limit - 20
...then automatically do this
Action phrase. Word limit - 5
This description explains above action in detail. Word limit - 20

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Heading in eleven words or less.
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About Salesforce
Salesforce is a platform for customer relationship management (CRM): everything in one place, easily accessible, available on any device. Offering data-driven insights, personalized interactions, and seamless integration for modern businesses.
About Slack
Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. Offering instant messaging, document sharing and knowledge search for modern teams.
With Luru’s no code workflows we have been able to quickly create and iterate on sales processes on Slack where our team resides.
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Sethu Meenakshisundaram
Revenue Head & Co-founder, Zluri
As a sales leader, Luru is a life saver! The ability to pre-define templates and prompt my SDRs and AEs on must-discuss info is amazing! Personally, my hunt for a hassle-free meeting note taker is over :)
Varun Raj
Sales Leader, Exotel
Helps me quickly search and access Salesforce. Luru has made taking sales notes and updating Salesforce a breeze. All the context for my accounts are accessible for me and my team in a single place
Harsha Chelle
Strategic Accounts, Postman
Setting up workflows on HubSpot was complex and often required a service integration (SI) partner. With Luru, we no longer need tech assistance to define a process. This has transformed the operations of our clients.
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Nilesh Gupta
Co-founder & Head of Operations, GrowthSpree